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I'm Rickey Ricciuti


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I always wanted to help others but didn't know where to start. Married to Sabrina Savona Ricciuti with 3 magnificent boys , it wasn't until i received the diagnosis of my youngest son Adriano. " Your son has the characteristics that are affiliated with Autism ". "Yes Autism " As difficult as it was I used this as a turning point to use my energy in a positive manner to help my son, to be his voice , to stand up for him. I held a family fun day picnic to help cover the costs of Adriano's Autism therapy and began to realize that other families had the same issues, waitlists, no answers, no one to turn to, no funding, while children are stuck waiting for the help they so desperately deserve. I decided to take matters into our own hands. Brighter Path 4 Autism was born with childhood friend Vince Baggetta and Sabrina Savona Ricciuti. I am also proud to say that I have known other team members on our committee as far back as grade school, and new committee members have graciously joined us in our cause, our journey, and our path . I am not building an organization but reaching out to build friendships and spreading awareness along the way. Adriano has taught me so much in so many ways, and I learn something new every day. 


Welcome to the family & follow us towards the Brighter Path!! 

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