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I'm Nadia Vetere


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Nadia Vetere specializes in Marketing and Graphic Design. She founded her own graphic design studio, Twenty8 Designs, specializing in graphic design in the digital and print space and event stationery. She has worked with event planners, entrepreneurs and retailers to create beautiful stationery for events and consumer media, such as email and social media campaigns, retail packaging, brands and logos, websites and more. She resides in Vaughan, with her husband, two children and dog.

Nadia first heard about Brighter Path 4 Autism from her brother, one of the co-founders, and his long-time friend, Rickey. Nadia wanted to join and help wherever she could with her marketing and design experience. She created the logo and branding behind Brighter Path 4 Autism, and continues to work with the committee to create supportive media. Nadia is so grateful to be part of this charity, helping raise awareness for autism and supporting families during challenging times.

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