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I'm Vince Baggetta


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Vince earned his CPA designation in 2005 and has since over the last 15 years of his professional career been involved in a number of private and public business enterprises ranging from distribution, manufacturing, medical and transportation. He resides in Vaughan.


Vince co-founded Brighter Path for Autism with his life long friend Rickey Ricciuti in July 2019.  "Our relationship goes as far back as grade school.  Rickey and I had not been in touch for many years and it all started with a call.  We kept tabs on each other over the years but never really had a chance to get together. It wasn't until we had a chance for a meet up that I was able to understand what autism was, how it impacted families and what resources were available, or more importantly, not available for families and their children that were diagnosed on the spectrum.   I had experience in acquisitions and finance and he needed some help to form a charitable organization."  Our mission was to raise awareness for autism and help families with the funding and resources they need to allow their children on the spectrum to flourish and develop to their full potential.  With this in mind, we formed the registered charity, Brighter Path For Autism.  Our objective is to continue to make a difference in the families we help and the kids that we support through fundraising and awareness campaigns year round.

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